September Musings

September Musings

I’m sitting outside on a lovely September evening. I’ve been out here for almost two hours, and I brought the little Brie out with me. She has been lounging, rubbing herself in the grass, and most recently had the zoomies, which is always adorable. We’ve been playing her favorite game off and on the whole time we’ve been out here: chase Brie. I don’t even really have to chase her, just say “I’m gonna getcha,” and lunge at her. She takes off right away, or she rolls on her back for belly rubs. Either way, what bliss, for both her and me! 

The air is perfect. Earlier the sun was hot, but under it the air and the breeze promised that once the sun had retired, all would be comfortable. It is.

Don’t get me wrong, I love summer, I really do. But it is just beginning to feel almost like fall here in the DC area, and I can’t help but have mixed feelings about it. First, there is relief that it finally won’t feel like pea soup outside, thick and wet and heavy and hot, and there is the resulting relief that I will no longer be required by the temperature to wear shorts if I don’t feel like wearing a dress or skirt.

There’s a tinge of sadness to the slow retreat of summer, though. It is a slow retreat here; it won’t truly be “cold” at night until around Halloween. My happiest childhood and teenage memories were made during summers. And although I have been in school part-time every summer since I began college, summer brings that sense of freedom, just as if I was still getting a break from “real life,” whether it be academia or working. I wonder if it’s always this way.


July Goals and Update on Past Ones

July Goals and Update on Past Ones

Well all, it’s a new month, and you know what that can sometimes mean: it’s time for my monthly goals! I know I didn’t do a June goals post, so I thought I’d update you about how the last month I posted my goals, April, went. 

If you’re a regular reader, you probably know that I did, in fact, go to Portland, OR to meet the boyfriend, and that we had an absolutely wonderful time. I had a birthday, so I am now twenty-three. I have read more books, though plenty of them have been ebooks I’ve read on my phone. My Goodreads challenge for the year is to read twenty books, and I’ve completed twelve so far. It sounds sad, given how much free time I’ve had lately, but it’s pretty impressive when you consider how many of them were read in the last month, and the fact that all of them had around four hundred pages. I have been trying to use my phone and laptop less, and it’s been freeing, though I could decrease my usage even more. 

Now for July’s new goals. My first goal is to continue with the morning routine I began two weeks ago. I can write a post on it – leave a comment if you’d like to know my productive morning habits. 

My second goal is to get a “big-girl job” and move out of my parents’ house. After I finish the two classes I’m currently taking, I’ll need two more to graduate. It’ll be SUCH a relief to finally have done with school! I’d love to be in a new place before next month.

My third goal is to travel – not air travel, but road trips. This weekend I’ll be heading down to North Carolina to see my best friend in the entire world and her boyfriend, and another friend from college. I’d like to visit more people – maybe a friend in Chicago, or anyplace else. 

The last goal is to write more. I have been slacking in the writing department, between both this blog and my book. It’s beginning to really get to me. There are unfinished and inexpressible ideas rolling around inside me, and they would be more finished and more easily expressed were I to actually be in the habit of writing every day. 

I have a few paltry goals here. It’s difficult, between the classes and the laziness of summer, to think of too many. What are your goals for the heat of the summer? Let me know!

It’s Been Awhile


As I am currently in one in-person class and two online classes, I’ve been a little busy. Then again, everyone is busy. I’ll be doing the whole three-class thing again in the second summer session, so I won’t really have free time until mid/late July. Please bear with me!

The biggest benefit of my taking three classes in five weeks is that I’m reading. I’m reading a lot for classes, obviously, but more importantly, reading for these classes has brought me to a place where reading is all I want to do, and is what I spend most of my scant free time doing. It’s been fantastic; now I’ve been reading, reading, reading for weeks, all I want to do is write. I can feel the creative urge beginning to stir within my heart and mind. My to-be-read stack is ridiculously tall, but I’ll get to it. I’m steadily moving through books. I don’t devour them in a matter of hours anymore like I did my entire childhood, but I am consistent with how much and how often I read, and I still read in large chunks at a time.

I’m currently reading (for fun) You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero, and The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer. My classes are Representing Women, which so far has largely been about female representation in and creation of art, Major American Authors Colonial-Romantic, and Contemporary Rhetoric, so you can see how I am doing a lot of reading. The class I enjoy the most so far is Major American Authors.

So, I’ll keep plugging away and working my butt off. I’ll try to update here.




I love summer. I really do. I always have. Even summer in the South, even summer in the reclaimed swampland where I spent the majority of my life: I love it.

I love the contrast in temperatures. The sun is scorching, but the water – whether pool, lake, river, or ocean – is cool. I love baking in the sun, cooling in the water, and repeating the process to keep myself comfortable. I love that water is something my whole person can enjoy once more, that it is something in which I can again submerge myself. I love being cold indoors and thawing outside, then boiling outside and freezing indoors.

I love getting tan. I’m blessed to have southern Italian heritage, so I don’t burn easily – I definitely can, but frequently I wake up the next day just tan when the day before I looked absolutely like a lobster. I love getting blonder. I’ve never dyed my hair or even gotten highlights, and the summer sun combined with chlorine from pools and juice squeezed from the lemons in my kitchen is the only way I lighten my hair.

I love the way ice water is the sweetest, cleanest, most satisfying ambrosia in the summer. I love all the fruits that are in season, and I used to love being able to pick produce from my father’s garden and eat it straight from the vine. I love the foods, lighter and colder and delicious, like caprese salad, that are seasonally appropriate. I love that those foods sit lightly in the stomach and make me feel like I can more easily do physical activity. I love flowers and the verdancy of summer. I love the warmth of summer rain, and the chill of the air conditioning drying the water from your skin and clothes.

I love that summer seems like the perfect time of the year for adventures. Want to jump off a cliff into the water below? Why not! Want to go on a road trip? Let’s do it! I love hearing the music of the ice cream truck in the distance. It almost sounds like a fairy’s music box.

My very favorite thing about summer is summer nights. I love that the sun doesn’t fully disappear until nine o’clock. I love the scents of rain from afternoon thunderstorms, heavenly honeysuckle, intoxicating lilac, heady magnolia. But the sweetest thing about summer nights is the humidity, believe it or not. It’s like being wrapped in a warm blanket, because the air is no longer hot. It’s comfortable and comforting.