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Begin Again

I’m back into the writing. I’m back to working on the novel, still untitled. I don’t think I’m far enough into it to figure out the overarching theme of it, and I haven’t written anything clever enough to pick it for a title. Hence, it remains unnamed. Aye, that’s the rub. I keep seeing, on

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Four Favorite Children’s Books

DISCLAIMER: Though these books all feature strong female protagonists, this list has not been assigned a title that excludes any gender. It is important for true feminism that all genders see many different types of people in positions of strength, whether those positions follow traditional gender roles or not. A Wrinkle in Time – Madeline

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My story is coming along well. Vivien (I’ve changed the spelling of her name) and her adventures are slowly gearing up to begin. I’m on chapter five, and I’ve written over thirty pages total. Still, I feel the story is very much lacking. Or, not so much very lacking as slightly lacking, which is somehow

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It’s Happening

Well, it’s happening. I’m writing. I’m doing it. I’ve got a story idea that I’m excited about and an outline. The outline is a new addition, for me, a suggestion from someone I love and respect. It’s brilliant. I have direction. I know what to do with the story. The major plot points are catalogued;

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