It’s Spring – Get Outside!

It’s Spring – Get Outside!

As you may have noticed from my post on Monday, spring is here, and I’m very excited about it! My favorite thing about spring (besides the flowers, of course) is the lovely weather. The wonderful thing about spring is that all Tiggers’ bottoms are made out of them – no, wait. The wonderful thing about spring is that it’s so warm outside, but there is still a wintery nip in the air that makes the heat bearable. I’ve put together some ideas for you to enjoy the lovely weather outside. Enjoy!

Go for a walk.

As I said before, one of my very favorite things about spring is the flowers. Why not go outside and enjoy the sight and smell of them on a walk in the sunshine? You can take pictures of them, pick a few to brighten your house, or just stop and smell the roses – literally.

Take up gardening.

If you’re like me – a hands-on lover of nature and of flowers and fruits and vegetables – you may (and this includes me) want to take up gardening. Gardening is true, white magic. You care for and love these tiny seeds, and hopefully, with attention and water and sunlight, they become something bigger and beautiful and beneficial. You get the benefit of being outside, exercise, and communing with the earth. Plus, there is a real, tangible reward for your efforts – something many of us don’t necessarily see with our daily accomplishments.

Go strawberry-picking.

There are so many benefits to this! For one, can you say healthy and delicious snack? For another, you earn your food, which is, depending on the farm you choose, organic and untreated. You literally get to enjoy the fruits of your labor, and it’s yummy.

Have a picnic.

In my mind there is nothing more romantic than a big, plush outdoor blanket under a tree, in dappled sunlight, with a delectable spread of food and drink to enjoy with family, friends, and/or a significant other. Bring an instrument and have a sing along. If you’re by a body of water, wear your bathing suit and take a dip when it’s too hot in the sun. Or, if you’re alone, bring a book, or take a nap. The possibilities are endless.


Before you balk at this suggestion, I would like to remind you that all human beings, regardless of age, need to and do play. As adults we typically no longer play make-believe (except for DnD), but we still play. It’s good for us, and actually essential. Grab a frisbee or a ball and toss it around. Play pickup soccer, basketball, volleyball, or softball. Get out your cornhole set, or play water pong (it’s much more sanitary than traditional beer pong). Don’t be afraid of the word “play” – just do it.


Fall Date Ideas

Go pumpkin- or apple-picking.

Pumpkin or apple picking are essential fall activities. Go pumpkin picking with your love, and take the pumpkin home for carving. Two activities in one! Or, go apple picking, and figure out something to make or bake with the apples you pick. Again – two activities in one!

Explore a corn maze.

Corn mazes are fun. There’s something about everyone trying to make their way out of somewhere that adds excitement. It’s a silly and fun activity, one that hopefully will take you less than an hour.

Take a walk.

Walk through the beautiful fall foliage and enjoy the cooler weather as you walk. Take pictures, if you like. Be sure to look up at the trees more than down. Crunch through the leaves on the ground.

Have a picnic.

Fall is the perfect time to have a picnic. The bugs are dying, the air is cooling, and there’s a blanket of leaves on the ground. Take a big blanket or two or three, a few games, some picnic food, and maybe some alcohol (to help keep warm) and have a grand old time.

Have a Netflix binge-session.

Crack open a window, light a fire, make some tea or cocoa, pop some popcorn, and snuggle in blankets and pillows to watch five seasons of an old favorite or a new obsession. You can take breaks to make more tea or popcorn where you can talk about the show or anything else. Be sure to order delivery, to make the night complete!

Go to a bookstore.

Ah, the bookstore. The perfect non-date date. You can choose to go your separate ways and peruse the books, or you can sit in the comedy or romance section and read to each other and have a good laugh.

Watch some scary movies.

Personally, I have never enjoyed scary movies. I’m easily startled, and jump-scares can and often do begin a panic attack in me. But some people sure enjoy scary movies. Find some favorites and use it as an excuse to get closer – adrenaline can increase affection, and scary content can be an excuse to cuddle.

Go to a game.

This could mean your local football team, or a game at the end of the baseball season. Either way, live sports are always fun. Get some beers and hot dogs and cheer. Don’t forget to bumdle up – or do, it’s another excuse to cuddle!

Go on a ghost walk.

Perhaps the most or second-most famous holiday of the fall is Halloween. Autumn nights with a chill in the air are the ideal time to walk around your city and learn about the famous local hauntings. Is that just a breeze, or did a ghost just walk by?

Attend a fall festival.

You can see the livestock, or eat festival food, or ride the rides. There’s enough at a county fall festival to keep anyone occupied for a few hours. Plus, with the combination of the leaves and the neon lights, it’s a great place to snap some pictures!


Anniversary Dinner – Pinterest Style

Anniversary Dinner – Pinterest Style

The picture you see above is the finished result of our belated third anniversary dinner. I decided, since it was cold and rainy on the one night we could do it, to have an indoor picnic in the tiny bedroom that I share with my little dog in the four-bedroom apartment I share with three other women, two other dogs, and a cat. My little bedroom was really the only space we could use for any privacy.

All you need to duplicate this is you or your significant other’s favorite recipe (the one that you can stand), a few things from the dollar store and cheap section at Target, and lots of love. (I know, I know, cue retching noise.)

The things I got from the dollar store are: tea lights, a plastic tablecloth, and wine glasses. The things from the cheap section of Target are: a bunch of fake roses in a glass vase, a short string of battery-powered lights, and more candles. Because I am a college student, I also didn’t have wine glasses, so those were procured at the dollar store as well.

I made the boyfriend’s favorite dish: chicken parmesan, or a variation thereof. I made the sauce myself, using no recipe at all, just prior knowledge from watching my mother and grandparents make endless batches of sauce. After heating the olive oil in a saucepan, I seasoned it with garlic, salt, pepper, oregano, and basil, and added the onions. Then the canned tomatoes were poured in, and I crushed them with a wooden spoon in the pan. Unfortunately the tomatoes, being whole, had seeds, but this was overlooked during consumption. A splash of red wine, and I let it stew for a while on low heat.

The boyfriend helped with the chicken and the salad like the decent adult he is. I forgot the flour step of the breading and had him dip the chicken in egg, then Panko breadcrumbs. The chicken cooked in a pan for about five minutes, then was placed on a baking sheet, drizzled with sauce, and covered in mozzarella. He slid it into the oven, set at 350 degrees, until the coating was golden under the white and the red of the cheese and the sauce.

The pasta being boiled and the salad made (nothing special, just a lettuce mix, cherry tomatoes, and diced apples, dressed with honey and apple cider vinegar), dinner was ready. Beverages were red wine for me, beer for the boyfriend – while I love wine and dislike beer, he’s a beer drinker to the core.

I had spread the red plastic tablecloth on the floor, and the boyfriend helped me move my trunk to serve as table to the center of it. I draped the battery-powered lights across the trunk, lit the candles, and we brought in the food. It was romantic with candlelight and delicious, especially so since we made the meal together.

Please feel free to like, comment, share, and replicate!