It’s Spring – Get Outside!

It’s Spring – Get Outside!

As you may have noticed from my post on Monday, spring is here, and I’m very excited about it! My favorite thing about spring (besides the flowers, of course) is the lovely weather. The wonderful thing about spring is that all Tiggers’ bottoms are made out of them – no, wait. The wonderful thing about spring is that it’s so warm outside, but there is still a wintery nip in the air that makes the heat bearable. I’ve put together some ideas for you to enjoy the lovely weather outside. Enjoy!

Go for a walk.

As I said before, one of my very favorite things about spring is the flowers. Why not go outside and enjoy the sight and smell of them on a walk in the sunshine? You can take pictures of them, pick a few to brighten your house, or just stop and smell the roses – literally.

Take up gardening.

If you’re like me – a hands-on lover of nature and of flowers and fruits and vegetables – you may (and this includes me) want to take up gardening. Gardening is true, white magic. You care for and love these tiny seeds, and hopefully, with attention and water and sunlight, they become something bigger and beautiful and beneficial. You get the benefit of being outside, exercise, and communing with the earth. Plus, there is a real, tangible reward for your efforts – something many of us don’t necessarily see with our daily accomplishments.

Go strawberry-picking.

There are so many benefits to this! For one, can you say healthy and delicious snack? For another, you earn your food, which is, depending on the farm you choose, organic and untreated. You literally get to enjoy the fruits of your labor, and it’s yummy.

Have a picnic.

In my mind there is nothing more romantic than a big, plush outdoor blanket under a tree, in dappled sunlight, with a delectable spread of food and drink to enjoy with family, friends, and/or a significant other. Bring an instrument and have a sing along. If you’re by a body of water, wear your bathing suit and take a dip when it’s too hot in the sun. Or, if you’re alone, bring a book, or take a nap. The possibilities are endless.


Before you balk at this suggestion, I would like to remind you that all human beings, regardless of age, need to and do play. As adults we typically no longer play make-believe (except for DnD), but we still play. It’s good for us, and actually essential. Grab a frisbee or a ball and toss it around. Play pickup soccer, basketball, volleyball, or softball. Get out your cornhole set, or play water pong (it’s much more sanitary than traditional beer pong). Don’t be afraid of the word “play” – just do it.




I realize I’m a little late on this, as it is now the end of January. Though, to be completely honest, I’ve never really been into New Year’s resolutions. I think it’s silly to wait to change yourself, your life, your situation, what have you, for one specific day. I know change is constant.

On the other hand, there’s something to be said for stating your goals at one point during the year, and checking to see if they have or have not been accomplished at the same time the next year. I don’t think that it needs to be in the new year; it can be any time of year. I do, however, realize that it is much easier to count and remember where you are when you’ve started at one. So, here are my goals for 2019.

Lose weight.

You may have seen my post in May 2018 about my struggles with my weight. In the last month and a half I have lost about eleven pounds. I’d like to keep it up, and become healthier and happier. That being said, I am also trying to love my body as it is, and I’m actually making some headway in that.

Move out.

I moved back in with my parents in December 2018 to save them money on tuition and rent, and for me to begin to save for my own future. I’m grateful for their generosity, but I’m twenty-two years old, and living at home is stifling and grating. I’m excited to finally have my own space and my own rules and responsibilities.

Spend more time outside.

I’ve always loved being outside. When I was in high school, I worked at a day camp every day for nine weeks of the summer, and the vast majority of the day was spent outside. My memories of camp are some of the happiest memories I have, and those summers are some of the happiest times of my life. Lately, though, I haven’t been making time to be outside, and I’ve noticed a definite change in my mood and quality of life. I miss the casual exercise, the feel of the sun, the fresh air, the sound of wind through leaves.

Read more.

I’ve kind of already been doing this in the last month. There were a good few years that I just didn’t read much past what I had to for school. I had other priorities, I guess. However, as an aspiring writer, the only thing that comes anywhere close to as important as writing is reading. Reading more has brought an old joy into my life, and I intend to keep doing it.

Finish my Bachelor’s degree.

This one is self-explanatory. I’m very done with being a student, and have been since high school, unfortunately. I’m now so close to completion that I may as well finish my degree. I know it will open doors for me – at least, I hope so. It will be such a relief to have it done.

That’s it for now. If I accomplish all these things in 2019, that will be fantastic. If I don’t, I’ve more than likely got sixty more years to do so.