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Grief as a Part of Life

Grief seems like such a simple concept, but the truth is, it isn’t. Grief isn’t a simple concept, or a simple feeling. It is composed of a range of human emotions: anger, regret, sadness, and more. Many of us think of grief as something that happens only when a loved one dies. While it is

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What Love Does

Love, love, love. The things we do for love. We drive almost three hundred miles in a twenty-four hour or so period for a night in our love’s arms. We change our life plans. My parents have always frequently reminded me, “Man plans; God laughs.” In the last few years I have discovered that has

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How to Be a Good Friend

Though social media and technology keep us more connected than ever, at least in some ways, there are other ways humans are losing connection with one another. By the way, I by no means believe that social media or technology are the downfall of humanity. This post is just a comment on how things have

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