The New Falls Church Staple

The New Falls Church Staple

Since its establishment in 1950, the Frozen Dairy Bar was always a Falls Church staple. Originally housed in a small Art Deco building on a lot near Route 50, the Frozen Dairy Bar fought against the development of the lot, but eventually became a part of the new shopping center. In 2015 the Frozen Dairy Bar got a makeover and was renamed the FDB Eatery. Instead of being the local frozen custard place that happened to serve food, the FDB Eatery tried to become a nicer restaurant that happened to serve frozen custard. The frozen custard counter was closed off from the rest of the restaurant, and the decor was dark and uninviting.

Sunday night my mother and I were happy to discover that the FDB Eatery has since come into the ownership of married couple Usman Batti and Lilly Kaur, the owners of the popular food truck, DC Steakholders. The Frozen Dairy Bar, now DC Steakholders, opened April 6, 2019. As avid lovers of the original establishment, we were eager to try the frozen custard at DC Steakholders.

We were not disappointed. We both got chocolate custard, and it was great. Frozen custard is by its very nature richer than ice cream, but the frozen custard at DC Steakholders was richer than what I remember from the Frozen Dairy Bar. Just as smooth as the original, the DC Steakholders frozen custard tastes more luxurious, and the chocolate flavor was excellent.

Another lovely change was the decor. DC Steakholders’ decor harks back to that of the original. There are prints of diners, traditional American food, and other memorabilia Americana decorating the walls. The paint is a cheery, gentle light yellow, much better than the dark red of the FDB Eatery. In true diner fashion, there is a neon light running near the ceiling.

DC Steakholders does not put on airs, and also respects the history of the original Frozen Dairy Bar. It’s pretty to look at, and the custard is delicious. We will definitely return to try the cheesesteaks – and wrap up with more custard.


15 Facts about Me!

15 Facts about Me!
  1. I am a synesthete. (See earlier post on synesthesia.) My favorite color is cerulean blue. To me, the color represents joy and excitement, and the warmth and relaxation of the beach.
  2. Starting from a very young age, I was obsessed with the Titanic. I even met Bob Ballard and got his signed book (thanks mom!). To this day, I am still captivated by it, and Titanic the Musical is one of my favorites.
  3. My maternal great-grandparents came from Mariglianella, Italy, in the 1920s. My dad’s family has been in the U.S. for a long time, and they are mostly German-American. My dad’s surname is an Americanization of a German surname. Last Christmas my dad gave my sister and me a gift that proves we are Daughters of the American Revolution!
  4. I am a natural blonde. Until I was fifteen my hair turned almost white every summer. Also, my mother refused to do anything past trimming my hair for the first seven years of my life. I guess she couldn’t bear to cut the long, white-blonde curls.
  5. I am a lyric coloratura soprano. I studied vocal performance at Elon University for almost two years under Beth Carter’s instruction. I have sung in the Kennedy Center twice, and Carnegie Hall once, both times in choirs.
  6. I have broken my fifth metatarsal in each foot – on separate occasions, first in 2013 and the other in 2017.
  7. I love flowers. My favorite are pale pink peonies, though I also love roses, daisies, tulips, magnolia, cosmos, anemone, and hydrangea. (Thanks dad, for always bringing in your flowers from the yard.)
  8. My favorite book is the unabridged Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, though I haven’t read every page since the first read-through, because I learned which chapters I can skip. Les Miserables is also my favorite musical.
  9. I love to cook and bake, especially with unconventional combinations. One of my favorites is blackberry, ginger, and dijon on chicken, or chili powder on butternut squash.
  10. I love big band swing. I used to love the WAMU radio show, “Hot Jazz Saturday Night,” and looked forward to it every week, before it was cancelled.
  11. I’m currently in love with the TV show The Bold Type, which airs on Freeform. I love that it depicts strong female characters who support each other and lift each other up and make each other better people.
  12. On October 3rd, I will have been in a relationship with the love of my life for three and a half years. He is handsome, charming, funny, hard-working, supportive, loving, adorable, and crazy intelligent. He makes me a better me.
  13. My best friend and I have been best friends our entire lives. I cannot say enough good things about her, ever. She is beautiful, smart, strong, utterly hilarious, and quirky.
  14. I want to learn to crochet. I know how to knit (badly), but I’m told crochet is easier. It certainly looks more interesting.
  15. When I was a kid, I collected foreign coins. Friends and family heard about this, and assisted me in my collecting whenever they came back from overseas. Some of the coins are from countries that no longer exist, and I have no idea how many countries all these coins are from.

What I Love about Fall

What I Love about Fall

Fall is coming, and people everywhere are rejoicing. Personally, I’m tired of melting. It’s early yet, but I’m so excited for fall I put together a list of my favorite things about autumn.

First there’s the obvious: the cooler weather. There’s something invigorating about having a nip of chill in the air after the soupy, languid days of summer. Something about a slightly lowered temperature is awakening: something is beginning. Of course logically we know it’s winter beginning and with it, the beginning of the end of the year, but despite this, it still feels like something new.

Different fashions and articles of clothing come out to play, including some of my personal favorites: cardigans and jackets and scarves and boots. The colors are darker and more muted versions of the bright and bold ones of summer and the pretty pastels of spring. Things become softer, thicker – cozier. Clothing feels less like a burden and more like a comfort.

There’s a greater variety of colors in nature in the fall. Autumn is second only to spring in terms of the variety of colors found in nature during the season. During the summer everything is verdant, it’s true, but in the fall it is as though all of nature has resolved that if it is going to die, it is going to do so in style. There are warm browns, bold oranges, glorious yellows, burning reds, rich burgundies, cool dark purples, you name it. It’s so beautiful.

Fall activities are fun, too. Pumpkin picking, hayrides, haunted houses, apple picking, taking walks, baking, making cider – all are fun things to look forward to, and to do. In addition to this, there’s fall foods. They center on apples, squash, pumpkins, maple, cinnamon, nutmeg – all number of sweet and fragrant ingredients.

Then there’s that almost indescribable smell of autumn. It’s a combination of mold from the leaves, coming rain and fallen rainwater, autumn blossoms, spices from cooking seasonal foods, and fires from end-of-season cookouts and beginning-of-season fires in fireplaces. All in all, it’s a homey smell, welcoming, cozy, and warm.

What do you love most about fall? Is there anything on my list you enjoy? Is there anything you’d like to add? Comment down below!


Breaking the Fast

Breaking the Fast

Good morning!

I am a creature of habit. I like some form of dairy for breakfast every day, whether it’s actual dairy, like cream cheese on a bagel, or fake dairy, like almond milk in cereal. I eat about three things for breakfast when I’m eating at home, with a slim margin of variety.

I made up this “recipe” when I was living at home, in between colleges. I got the idea from the breakfast I always had in the dining hall, when I got up for breakfast, at my first college. I would always eat scrambled eggs and fried potatoes. I noticed that I liked it best when I got a forkful of both.

One of the benefits of living in your parents’ house is that there’s a (sometimes, in my parents’ house) fully stocked kitchen. I decided to recreate the breakfast I liked from the dining hall. I fried up some potatoes – and then promptly forgot to remove them from the pan, and cracked an egg over them.

I wasn’t about to throw it away; I hate wasting food. So I shrugged and cracked the other egg over the potatoes. I had a slice of cheese on the counter for the eggs, and I shredded it by hand into the mixture. A dash of salt and pepper, and breakfast was ready!

Now it’s a staple for me. I usually dice a quarter of a potato, fry the small pieces, crack the egg(s) over the potato, and shred a slice of cheese into the whole thing. Personally I like my eggs wet, borderline Grace-is-going-to-get-salmonella, but you can cook them to your liking.

Have a good day!