The New Falls Church Staple

The New Falls Church Staple

Since its establishment in 1950, the Frozen Dairy Bar was always a Falls Church staple. Originally housed in a small Art Deco building on a lot near Route 50, the Frozen Dairy Bar fought against the development of the lot, but eventually became a part of the new shopping center. In 2015 the Frozen Dairy Bar got a makeover and was renamed the FDB Eatery. Instead of being the local frozen custard place that happened to serve food, the FDB Eatery tried to become a nicer restaurant that happened to serve frozen custard. The frozen custard counter was closed off from the rest of the restaurant, and the decor was dark and uninviting.

Sunday night my mother and I were happy to discover that the FDB Eatery has since come into the ownership of married couple Usman Batti and Lilly Kaur, the owners of the popular food truck, DC Steakholders. The Frozen Dairy Bar, now DC Steakholders, opened April 6, 2019. As avid lovers of the original establishment, we were eager to try the frozen custard at DC Steakholders.

We were not disappointed. We both got chocolate custard, and it was great. Frozen custard is by its very nature richer than ice cream, but the frozen custard at DC Steakholders was richer than what I remember from the Frozen Dairy Bar. Just as smooth as the original, the DC Steakholders frozen custard tastes more luxurious, and the chocolate flavor was excellent.

Another lovely change was the decor. DC Steakholders’ decor harks back to that of the original. There are prints of diners, traditional American food, and other memorabilia Americana decorating the walls. The paint is a cheery, gentle light yellow, much better than the dark red of the FDB Eatery. In true diner fashion, there is a neon light running near the ceiling.

DC Steakholders does not put on airs, and also respects the history of the original Frozen Dairy Bar. It’s pretty to look at, and the custard is delicious. We will definitely return to try the cheesesteaks – and wrap up with more custard.


Review: Northside Social – Falls Church

On a bright, cold day during the polar vortex (AKA today), the boyfriend and I went to a local coffee shop I’d been wanting to try. It was Northside Social, whose Falls Church branch opened in summer 2018. As I just returned to the area for the foreseeable future in December 2018 after a year and a half in North Carolina, I hadn’t yet had a chance to try the new location. Ben and I are coffee people, and try to support small businesses whenever wallets and time allow.

The Falls Church City location of Northside Social is larger than the original in Arlington. However, the parking situation is almost as abysmal. The lot upon which Northside Social sits has parking spaces, though these are barred from use by Northside Social patrons. There is limited street parking, public parking across the street, and the apartment building across the street has a few spots for Northside Social patrons to use. All in all, without previous knowledge, the parking situation at both locations is quite aggravating.

The inside of the shop is very charming. We sat in the part that was once an old house. The walls seemed to have been stripped down to the bare wood, giving the space an unfinished, yet homey, vibe. There was a lot of wood throughout the space, which added a sense of warmth to the otherwise modern, industrial decor. The music played was not too loud and was unobtrusive in nature. There was, of course, that typical delicious hum of a coffeehouse, of people talking and laughing, and plates and cups and silverware clack-ing and tinkling.

The coffee was good, but the pastry was excellent. I had a mocha and a Nutella pastry. The mocha was a tiny bit bitter, which I prefer when it comes to chocolate. The Nutella pastry, though, stole the show. There was a layer of Nutella slathered atop it, and some inside the flaky, light, buttery pastry, the edges of which crunched delightfully.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Northside Social’s Falls Church City location. However, I would caution the reader about the parking situation – as in any city of any size, be sure to read the signs carefully regarding parking. I would recommend the coffee and most definitely the Nutella pastry. I will be returning.