Get the Best Deal on Poshmark with these 3 Tips

I used to be a bargain shopper who bought clothes that were of bargain quality. The problem was, they would either be too trendy, so I tired of them quickly, or they would look like they’d come from a bargain basement store – developing holes, snags, and/or pilling after just a few wears and washes. 

If you’re like me now, you’re a bargain shopper, but you also do not want to sacrifice quality in the name of a “deal.” I have brands I know and like, who I am willing to pay more for, and whose clothing I know fits me well in the sizes they offer. One of the ways I don’t end up paying full price for things, though, is by using Poshmark. 

My best definition for Poshmark is that it is an online flea market. Most of the clothing, shoes, and accessories on it are lightly used, and they are listed and sold by the person who currently owns them. These are a few of my tips to get the best deal on Poshmark for the clothes you want. 

“Like” things first to save them before rushing to buy or offer.

Often, when a seller sees that you are interested in something from their shop but haven’t yet offered or bought it, they will offer you a discount – perhaps on the item, or an order, or on shipping. Make sure to “favorite” what you like in their shop, and wait a half hour. If you wait too long, for example over an hour, someone else may swoop in and purchase that item. But, if you wait a short amount of time, the seller may come to you. Remember, these are people who want to be rid of these things. If you show interest, they may make it easier for you to rid them of it!

Bundle, bundle, bundle.

Chances are, if someone has listed one thing, they’ve listed many. And, chances are that most of those things are in your size(s) if one of them is. So, if you see something you like, check out the shop of the person who listed that item to see if there are any others you’d like as well. You’re going to have to pay for flat-rate shipping from that person’s shop anyway – why not add other things you like and/or need from that shop and just pay one shipping fee, rather than getting one thing from five different shops and paying five individual shipping charges? 

Don’t be afraid to offer low. 

This is relative. If something is listed at a price a little above what you want to pay for it, offer an amount slightly lower than what you want to pay. Now, don’t be insulting – don’t offer $10 for a jacket listed at $40. That will probably lead the seller to decline your offer immediately, as well they should. These are things they spent money on, and they probably are taking a loss on now. The least you can do is offer enough to offset some of that loss. However, if a shirt is listed at $15, but you are more comfortable with $10, offer $9. As a rule, I do not offer half or less than half the amount listed for something. Keeping your bid low, but more than half, means the seller is more likely to accept it, or at least counteroffer. 

So, there you have it: the three essential tips for getting the best deal on Poshmark. “Favorite” things you’re interested in, bundle things from the same shop, and offer low – but not too low. Till next time – try to live life with grace and good humor!

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