Quarantine Boredom Busters!

For the most part, we as a population are adhering to quarantine, social distancing, and other recommended behaviors. However, there are many issues that can arise from being stuck in one’s home for such an extended amount of time, among them touch-starvation, stress, and anxiety. In this post, I’ve gathered a few ideas to occupy your time, mind, and/or engage your body, to help combat another quarantine problem: boredom. 

In the present situation, boredom is not an issue that should be taken lightly; an idle mind is the Devil’s playground, as the saying goes. Boredom can be incredibly beneficial to the human brain, but it can also lead to overthinking, which can increase stress and anxiety, and guilt at not being “productive enough.” Some of these ideas are traditionally “productive,” and others are productive in different ways that are no less important, especially now. 

Deep-clean your space.

Spring cleaning is a yearly tradition, to the point of cliche, for a reason. After staying inside for months, our homes need cleaning. It was true every year before this one, and it’s especially true this year. With so many people stuck at home during quarantine, there’s more opportunity for mess and general uncleanliness, for example, the increased presence of humans in a space means more dust. A good, thorough cleaning can not only revamp your space, it can be healthy for you, because it’s exercise, it rids your home of dirt, dust, and grime, and it can help clear your mind and reduce stress. 

Learn something new.

Ever wanted to learn to embroider designs? Or speak another language? Or write a book? There’s no time like the present, especially if you’re working from home. There are so many resources out in the world – some free, some cheap, some not – like webinars, YouTube videos, how-to articles, and books – that not being able to leave your home is not a reason to put off learning something new. 

Plan for the end of quarantine.

One of the things keeping me sane during quarantine is the plans Ben and I have made for after it’s been lifted. We’re going to take day trips to Charlottesville and Richmond, as well as more local parks in which to hike, picnic, and hammock. Give yourself something to look forward to by making plans for after quarantine. Just be sure either to schedule them far in advance or to make the dates flexible! 

Take care of yourself. 

Sometimes taking care of yourself means taking a bath and meditating. Sometimes it means lacing up your sneakers and taking a walk after throwing out all the junk food in your kitchen. Sometimes it means journaling your feelings, calling your doctor, or watching something that makes you laugh. Self-care can mean something different for everyone, and it should. Whatever self-care means for you, practice it during this time. You deserve the care you would give your closest loved one.

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