My Beauty Wishlist

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I am a bit of a beauty junkie. I love makeup, skincare, and perfume. I’m out of work right now, due to the pandemic, but if I had the money, these are the beauty items I would purchase.

NYX Modern Dreamer Eyeshadow Palette

Historically, I have not been too adventurous in my choice of colors when doing my makeup. I’ve been branching out slowly, to using purples and pinks and very warm shades on my eyes, and I think this palette can help me truly embrace a wide spectrum of colors, at least when it comes to my eye makeup. The reviews on this palette are generally great, and the color story is beautiful. There are so many colors, I feel that almost any look can be created with this palette alone.

Revlon Perfect Heat Ceramic Curling Iron, ¾”

My hair is naturally somewhere between wavy and curly, but for some reason the curls fall out after an hour after I rise. So, I usually just end up brushing the curls out so that when they do fall out, at least my hair has been brushed. I have a curling wand, but sometimes I want the more polished look that comes from a curling iron. I’ve had my best luck with ceramic irons, and the width of this one is exactly what I’m looking for in an iron.

Colourpop Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Acid Setting Mist

I am a huge fan of hydrated skin, and an equally huge fan of Colourpop. So when I saw that they’d come out with a setting mist made with hyaluronic acid, I was so excited! I can’t wait to get my hands on this setting mist.

These are the beauty products I am excited to be able to responsibly afford. I can’t wait to be able to walk into and wander through my local Ulta – but until then, I’m going to hunker down at home and work and dream.

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