Books I’m Looking Forward to Reading

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The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern

I loved Morgenstern’s first novel, The Night Circus, when my cousin gave it to me for Christmas when I was in high school. So when I saw on Goodreads that she had published another, The Starless Sea, the memories of how much I enjoyed The Night Circus came to mind. I was delighted and surprised; an author whose last work I’d loved, but then had forgotten about, was coming out with another book! It was like a surprise gift. This is the next book on my TBR list.

The Library Book by Susan Orlean

My fiance’s mother gave me this one. It’s been on my Goodreads for a long time. As a lifelong lover of libraries who grew up walking distance from one, the tragedy of the Los Angeles Public Library intrigues me. I love quality mysteries, and one surrounding books is a magnet for my interest. 

Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis

I read Hollis’ other self-help book, Girl, Wash Your Face, last month. While I admit that it was not a great fit for everyone and did not delve deep into some issues, I thought it was uplifting. It had a few excellent tips and points that I have implemented into my own life. Because I am a chronic over-apologizer, I’m looking forward to a book with a title like this one to help me break the habit.

The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes

I’ll admit it: I didn’t read the Me Before You series, nor did I see the movie. However, a historical fiction book about women empowering each other through literacy? Sign me right up! I love stories that involve disadvantaged people gaining knowledge, mostly because I love seeing their delight at understanding the world around them better and the development of their intellect. 

Why Write? A Masterclass on the Art of Writing and Why It Matters by Mark Edmundson

As a writer by trade, an English major, and a blogger, I do a lot of writing. In addition to all of that, I also write letters to faraway friends and journal by hand. Often, when I see the ways people write, disregarding or ignorant of grammatical and spelling conventions (not for actual purposes, like dialect or colloquialisms), I despair. So many people not only are not good writers, they don’t care about improving how they communicate through this vital source. (By the way, it’s completely okay not to be a good writer. We all have our talents. “It takes all sorts of people to make a world,” as Mrs. Rachel Lynde would say. Being a good or a bad or a mediocre writer is not anything that makes someone better or worse than another person.) It’s not ignorance that bothers me, ever; it’s willful ignorance. So, when I despair, I begin to wonder if my trade matters, if the rules within it matter, if it’s dying, etc. The biggest fear of mine involves my literary dreams. Why write a book when so many wonderful ones already exist? Why write a book that may not get published when books a step above garbage get published every day? I hope this book becomes a source of hope and motivation for me as a writer. 

What are you reading now? Have you read anything recently you love and would recommend? Leave your comments below – I look forward to hearing from you!

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