These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

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Hello! I thought I’d share a nice, long roundup post of some of my favorite things. It’ll be sort of a get-to-know-the-blogger kind of post. Let me know if any of these are your favorite things, too!

My favorite . . .

Color: Cerulean

Number: 37

Animal: Elephant

Season: Spring

Holiday: Christmas

Sport: Baseball

Team: Washington Nationals

Flower: Pale pink peonies

Scent: Honeysuckle

Cuisine: Italian

Dessert: S’mores

Ice cream: Mint chocolate chip

Fruit: Cherries

Place I’ve been: Desenzano del Garda, Italy or Amsterdam, Netherlands

Music: Jazz

Instrument: French horn

Book: Les Miserables (unabridged) by Victor Hugo

Book series: Anne of Green Gables series by L.M. Montgomery

Author: Adriana Trigiani

Movie: It’s a Wonderful Life

Movie series: Star Wars

TV show: Brooklyn 99

Celebrity: Lin-Manuel Miranda



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