Moving in Together and Other Big Life Changes

Photo by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash

Well, y’all, we did it – two weeks ago today, we moved into an apartment! It’s a 660-square foot one-bedroom near the city that’s recently been renovated. There’s a coffee and a pastry shop walking distance from our apartment, which is also near a main road and lots of bus lines, and we’re less than a five-minute drive from church. The apartment is almost completely set up, and it’s really beginning to look and feel like home. I’ll post pictures soon, once the setup is complete. Little Brie is adjusting surprisingly well to our new home, and is happy there are so many other doggies in the community to play with, and space to run the bark park. 

I thought there might be more friction when we converged into one space. But, honestly, we’ve been working on communication during our whole relationship; we had to, with as much of it being long-distance as it has. With Ben being home for the winter from work, it’s been an adjustment, having to speak face-to-face rather than almost exclusively over text, but I believe it has ultimately gone swimmingly. So far, we’re considerate of each other and split household duties more or less equally.

Living together is making things like wedding planning much easier, though Ben is characteristically easygoing. Brie is thrilled to have someone almost constantly at home with her, limiting her time in the crate. We’re also holding each other accountable; we’re eating better, with Sundays as our cheat day – and cheat we do! Yesterday, it was Wendy’s. 

When it comes to eating better, with the exception of cheat days, we do not eat fast food. We cook most nights, eat lunch at home often, and usually skip breakfast. We don’t buy things like chips, and we’ve both cut out soda completely, cheat day or not. The latter was a bit of a struggle for me, as I was a Coca-Cola addict, drinking at least one a day for months. It’s gotten easier as the days go by, but every once in awhile I’ll get a craving for one, though the strength of those cravings diminishes too with time. In the first ten days after I stopped drinking Coke, I lost five pounds. We cheated one non-Sunday by going to Red Robin, and we regretted it immediately after we left. It’s amazing how different I feel, now that I drink mostly water and eat so much more produce and so fewer carbs. We’ve each been walking the Brie a minimum eight-tenths of a mile once a day, if not more or longer, or both.

Stay tuned for pictures, and for updates on how our healthy eating and weight loss are going!

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