Sh*t Just Got Real

Well y’all, it’s happening: Ben and I are getting married! He proposed Sunday night, and I couldn’t stop saying yes. 

Between the wedding (though it’s admittedly not for a year or so) and a certain medical procedure I need done, it’s time to get, and more importantly, stay committed to getting fit and losing weight. Who knows? Maybe these two things will be the ones that finally keep my butt in gear so I will achieve my goals. 

I haven’t stuck to my previous plans longer than a month or two. I’m not proud of that fact. I was hesitant to even mention it, but it’s important. That being said, I’ve stayed pretty stable, weight-wise, which is something that definitely could be worse. Considering the way I’ve been eating and my lack of exercise, I am both heartened and disappointed by that weight stability. I’m heartened because it means that, if I commit to this, I should be able to accomplish my goals, hopefully relatively quickly and easily. I’m disappointed in myself, though, because I could have been doing this all along, and have been further along in my journey by now. 

I’m not going to beat myself up about it, though. I know ordering and picking up food was a nutritional and financial mistake. I know skipping exercise and being lazy about walking Brie was a mistake. I know my food choices were mistakes. I know this, and while I don’t intend to do it again, I forgive myself for making those mistakes. I will forgive myself for the few times I will slip up, most likely, on this path.

So, yesterday was the last day of eating a ridiculous, embarrassing amount of calories, half of which were not nutritionally beneficial. Yesterday was the beginning of walking Brie at least once a day, plus a daily (afternoon) workout. And today, I will make the choice to keep eating well, eating less, and exercising more. I will continue to make these choices every day of my life. And some days, I’ll fall short. But as long as every time I fall I get right back up, I think I’ll do and be okay.

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