Be More Joyful – Monthly Goals

It’s that time of the month again – time for my list of monthly goals! This month, I want to start – and restart – positive habits. I think these habits will bring much more joy into my life, and I am ready to receive it. 

Work out (nearly) every day.

Before November, I had gotten into the habit of working out at least three times a week, if not more. With my travels and my parents having their house painted and hosting guests, it’s felt impossible to work out lately. The addition of my new job has made my usual routine incredibly difficult to complete, as well; my alarm goes off so early that I don’t want to leave bed, much less do anything beyond walking the dog (and, unless it’s raining, she usually just gets put in the yard). However, I get off in the afternoon and am home before evening, so I think I’ll shift my schedule once the guests leave to working out almost every day in the afternoon after my office job. I am also considering joining OrangeTheory, but I’ll have to consult with my budget before deciding on that.

Spend more time outside.

Admittedly, this is one I have already begun to implement into my life. D.C. had so many temperate days in December that it was easy to sit outside a cafe in the sunshine while the day was still tolerable. But the way I intend to increase my nature time is by walking Brie. I need to make that time for her; plus, walks benefit both of us. She’ll be delighted, which will bring me joy, as will moving and being outdoors. 

Create more.

I had been writing and writing for a few months. I had renewed vigor in writing; I was journaling and writing stories and letters. I still journal every few days, sometimes with more or less frequency, but I’ve been learning how to balance two jobs and the boyfriend being home and my last tiny bit of school. So, writing has fallen by the wayside, which is never a good thing. I need to be in the swing of writing to continue toward prolificacy. 

Besides this, I’ve been drawing more. They’ve been doodles, really, but sometimes I’m proud of them, or elements of them. I have an unfinished painting to complete and plenty of blank canvases, as well. I’d like to pick drawing and painting back up again. I’m no genius, but I have a little, pleasing talent, I think. 

Speaking of having a little talent, I have taken up the piano again. It’s amazing what I remember, and what I vaguely recall. My muscle memory is astounding, though I realized to my dismay that reading music was more difficult than it had been, but I’ve been out of practice, where before I existed half in music. I’ve also been (figuratively) beating my breast for not applying myself in learning piano. I could have been better than I am, and could’ve gone further in skill. There’s no use in that, though. All I can do now is re-teach myself and practice the way I should’ve been practicing those ten years.

Move out.

Please don’t misunderstand me; I am so very grateful to my parents for housing me without expectation of rent, for buying groceries, for paying most of my bills. But, I’ve reached the age where I want to do those things myself. I’m making a livable wage now, and there’s no reason to stay when I want to go so badly. I’ve been saving money, and I will continue to do so, though I realize my contributions to my savings will not be what they are now. Still, I need my own space beyond my tiny childhood bedroom. I need to buy what groceries I want to buy, to do my own laundry. I need to figure out how to do this “adult” thing for real, including budgeting of money, time, and effort.

I believe my goals for the month are all achievable. I have the individual goals, but my overall goal is to bring more joy into my life. Feel free to share your own goals with me, either through the comments to email.

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