How to Rock Gift-Giving Every Year

As a quintessential broke college student, it can be tough for me to get people gifts for the holidays. I glory in finding the perfect present, and if I had my way, I’d get gifts for everyone I like or love. That being said, I am still a broke college student, one doing her best to save as much as possible so she can move out of her parents’ house. Somehow I have cultivated a reputation for giving great gifts, no matter how small. Here are some tips to stay organized so you too can rock gift-giving this season.

Get started early.

There’s so much to do around the holidays: parties, events, family gatherings, etc. So, it‘s tempting to put off holiday shopping until November, or even December. Storing things is a concern when it comes to presents, but I believe the peace of mind that comes from having great gifts for everyone on your list is worth it. Storage of presents is temporary, but delighting your friends and family can be a long-lasting joy.

Keep track of what you buy.

Every year, around August or September, I make a list not dissimilar from the one Santa Claus supposedly creates. I make a list of everyone for whom I am obligated or want to give presents, beginning with my boyfriend, then my nuclear family, then more extended family and close friends. Armed with my list, I can keep in mind the people who I will be giving presents as I shop for anything else in the months leading up to the holidays. That way, if I see anything that would be ideal for someone on my list, I can buy it then. I update my list with the purchase immediately and store the present in my present-storing area. 

Avoid seasonal gifts.

A little-talked-about issue with holiday presents is the sudden appearance of seasonally themed gifts. I am of the belief that unless it is something comestible that is only available around that time of year, or the person who will be receiving it has requested it or loves seasonal gifts, that absolutely no one wants a seasonal gift. Themed towels, napkins, cookie cutters, etc. just become clutter for the vast majority of the year, if they are ever used at all. 

These tips can make you an excellent gift-giver. They can help keep you organized so that you don’t spend too much buying the same things again, and so you don’t panic as much as the holidays approach. Using these tips can also prevent your gifts from being given or thrown away. After all, you worked hard earning the money to buy those presents. You want to both delight the recipient and not be a waste of your money and time. Try these tips and let me know how the holidays go!

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