How to Give the Best Gifts

The holidays are coming up, and coming up fast. No matter what you celebrate, or if you celebrate at all, you likely have some kind of obligation to give someone a gift. It could be for a religious or cultural holiday, or for a birthday, or a host gift for a party. If you’re totally lost on what to get someone, no matter what the occasion, here are some tips and ideas to help you become the best gift-giver ever.


People frequently say, “I wish . . .” Listen when they do, and listen to how they finish that sentence. Sometimes it’s “I wish I traveled more,” or “I wish I could get out more.” In the first case, a possible gift solution could be books on locations you know they’re interested in, and in the second, a possible gift could be arranging for your niece or nephew to babysit one night so you can take them for a night on the town.


Observe what your friends like, and what they might need. Your friend who loves fashion and is always cold might appreciate a new jacket, or if the cold friend is more of a homebody, they might appreciate a blanket or pair of slippers, or both. If your buddy is into beer, try a monthly subscription, or gather some beers and foods that pair with those. If you’re out with a friend and they see something they like but can’t buy, consider buying it as a present for them.

Pick a theme. 

This is my favorite tip of all. I love to give gifts that are in keeping with a theme. Once, in a secret Santa, the only thing my assigned person had written for me was that she liked pink. So, I took that scant information and ran with it. I got a DVD of Pretty in Pink, some pink gluten-free candy, a pink lotion, and a pink keychain, and wrapped the gifts in pink, as well. She was pleased, which is the best gift she could’ve given me. Sometimes my gifts will have themes like entertaining, or self-care, or a favorite movie. Find out what this person is passionate about, and go ham!

Employ one or more of these tips, and you’ll gain a reputation for being an awesome gift-giver. Seeing people truly delighted that you thought of them, and listened to them, when they open your gift, is one of the most wonderful feelings of joy in the world. Good luck!

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