Three Best Current TV Shows

I’ll admit – I’m not a huge streamer or TV-watcher. I’m more of a movie or book person, to be completely frank. Lately it’s been books. I haven’t been able to focus on books for years, so the rediscovered ability to do so has led me to more reading than watching in the past few months. Still, there are three shows I love that are still filming new seasons. Here they are!

The Bold Type

This is my favorite show that airs on cable television. Three millennial women are coworkers and best friends. They’re supportive toward each other, but they can butt heads. Despite this, their love for each other is always present. The most important characters on the show are all female, which is refreshing. The male characters, though less central than is usually seen, are still well-rounded and well-developed. I’d recommend it for anyone.


Letterkenny is just so random, stupid, and clever, I can’t help laughing. The characters are quirky, and the situations amusing. The best part about it, though, is the dialogue. It’s clear through the dialogue that the characters have known each other almost their whole lives, because they can predict and rapport off one another wonderfully. There are so many weird moments in this show, but they add to its charm.


My mom got me into black-ish. It’s a show that’s consistently funny and heartwarming and touching by turns. So, when I heard that a character on the show was getting a spin-off that involved her college years, I quickly hopped on the bandwagon supporting it. There don’t seem to be a plethora of shows and movies that deal with college life – not the way there are high school- and young-adult-life medias – so a series that echoes some of my own college experiences, and deals with college life at all, was exciting to me.

What’re your favorite shows that are streaming and/or airing currently? Let me know in the comments!

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