My Dog Is Weird

My dog is weird.

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you know Brie’s origin story: starving, mangy Puerto Rican street dog boards a private jet to a new life in Northern Virginia, where she is nursed back to health, cared for, and adored. You know she’s the most loving, pure, friendly little golden fluffball – anyone who’s met her can attest to this. Here are a few facts about Brie that are a little unusual.

She gives hugs. We call them “Brie-hugs.” A “Brie-hug” is something she does for maximum body contact with you. It’s when she puts her front paws on your forearms, then spins around so her back is against your legs and abdomen. If she’s really excited, you’ll feel the fur of and wind made by her tail wagging between your legs. It’s a high honor to be given a “Brie-hug.” 

She loves – I mean loves – to be held like a baby. If you’re sitting, she knows she is only allowed on furniture if she’s completely on a human who is on it (so the allergens in her fur don’t get on/in the furniture as much, since my mother is allergic to dogs), so it’s likely that, if she likes you, she’ll jump onto your lap. From there she spins so her back is to you, and then you can position her on her back, cradling her upper body in one arm and rubbing her belly or holding her back legs with the other. I’ve never met a dog who not only tolerates this, but enjoys it. 

She loves kisses and hugs and being the little spoon. She likes hugs, if they’re not too long. She’s a great little spoon (sometimes I let her in my bed, okay? She knows she’s only allowed up there with permission), though she does require belly rubs as you cuddle her. She loves kisses, and when she jumps on your lap facing you for the first couple seconds, she regularly puts her silky little head down to be kissed. 

Though she is insanely friendly and crazy cuddly, Brie is actually an introvert. She’ll bask in attention for a good while. But, eventually, her need for peace and quiet wins over her need for attention and affection, and she’ll go to her bed or her crate for it, and nothing will get her out of it. 

What strange things does your dog do? Do they do any of the things Brie does? Let me know in the comments below!

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