Amsterdam: Days 3-5

I’m stateside again, and I believe I owe you a description of my last three days in Amsterdam. Those last few days were delightful. Read on, reader!


On Sunday, we went to the Happy Pig Pancake Shop for Dutch pancakes, which are quite similar to crepes in that they are large and very thin. Ben got one with chocolate-hazelnut sauce, strawberries, bacon, toasted almonds, and whipped cream. Mine had Gouda, melted from the warmth of the pancake, and the most divine fig jam I’ve ever tasted. 

We walked through the Bloemenmarkt, a large floating flower market, which was gorgeous; I dearly love flowers. I was tempted to buy some seeds and bulbs for myself and my father, but I knew that would involve a lot of paperwork at customs, so I resisted.


After a nap, we spent the afternoon eating, walking, and later, drinking at various bars. We walked through the Red Light District again, and sat on the canal, our feet hanging over the water.


Monday morning, I woke up just before nine and got on the Anne Frank house website and waited for the tickets reserved for the day to go on sale. I procured two for the afternoon (thank God!). We also had tickets to the Van Gogh museum, which was our first stop for the day.

DSC_0003.JPGAfter a quick brunch after we’d finished at Van Gogh, we took the tram to the Anne Frank house. The line was long, but we got in during our window! It was a slow tour with so much information, and I couldn’t speak, I was so moved. I purchased a copy of her diary in Italian and a blank journal decorated in a style inspired by her original diary. 

After the house, we walked to another pancake shop. Ben got an unbelievably huge omelette, and I ordered a pancake with Nutella. Everything was delicious.

I had a desire to see some windmills, so we took the train to Zaandam. Zaandam is a suburb of Amsterdam, just north of the city. Unfortunately, as it was a Monday evening, not much was open. We managed to find a beautiful bar, where we camped out till closing. I journaled and Ben read. Still, the windmills were beautiful, and the town was charming. 


This was our last full day in Amsterdam! We went to the Palace in the morning. The Palace is somehow simultaneously ostentatious, gorgeous, and tasteful. Unlike every picture of Versailles I’ve ever seen, when you walk around the Palace, you’re struck with awe not because of decadence, but because of its beauty.

After, we crossed off another activity on my list: shopping at Primark. Oh boy, I really fell in love! The clothes are so affordable and fashionable. It’s like the Irish-originated H&M. 

We stopped in a café, where I wrote my last blog post. We had a lovely and very long dinner at a little Italian restaurant before heading back to the hotel for the last time.

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