Budget Bachelorette Bash Ideas

My sister is getting married. In fact, she will be married by August third. I am her maid of honor, which meant throwing the bachelorette party was solely my job. My sister is not the “stripper and/or clubbing” type, at all, so I had to think of something else. Here are some budget-friendly ideas that you can use if your bride isn’t the “stripper and/or clubbing” type, either.

Have a fancy brunch.

Perhaps your bride is a morning person, or she just really enjoys brunch. A brunch bachelorette is a great option for the maid-of-honor on a budget, because it can be held anywhere – your home, or a local brunch spot. If you choose to go out for brunch, everyone can pay for their own meal, so you only have to pay for the bride and yourself. Brunch can be as fancy or casual as you want, too. Plus, if you host a brunch bachelorette party, you don’t have to stay up to the wee small hours of the morning.

Go on a hike.

If your bride is an outdoorsy person, consider gathering a group to take a hike to a beautiful spot. Once there, you can have a picnic and take gorgeous photos. The fact that there will be others there means you’ll have help carrying picnic fixings, so, depending on how many are joining you, you can feel free to bring whatever you like. Make sure to pack lots of water and bug spray, and be on your way! 

Host a game night.

There are almost limitless opportunities here. If you have a local arcade – or better, a barcade – take everyone out to play. You can also go more low-key, and play video, card, and/or board games in your home. You could go bowling, or find a laser tag spot. For the more adventurous, consider paintball. Activities breed memories, so get going!

Go shopping.

If your bride responds well to gifts, maybe think about hosting a group shopping trip. Instead of bringing a gift, each person can buy the bride something of her choice. This way, there is less possibility for waste and clutter, because the bride will receive exactly what she wants. You can even do the 2000s movie montage of trying on silly outfits for each other, and go out for lunch or dinner once you’re finished.

Take a road trip.

A road trip can be as long or as short as you like. Is there a place within driving distance that your bride has always wanted to see, or loves to go to? Maybe it’s the beach, or a park, or a lake. Maybe it’s just a nearby city. Load up the car with gas, drinks, and snacks, and head out for the day. Make sure to have a killer playlist!

Throw an old-fashioned (but boozy) sleepover.

This is what I chose to do for my sister. I ordered pizzas, laid out junk foods, sodas, and desserts, and decorated the normally less-than-impressive basement. It was like middle school all over again, but this time, we were allowed to drink – and drink we did. To keep costs down (as I am a student who works part-time), I suggested on the e-vite that everyone bring their favorite alcohol to share. 

We also played games – the one that took up the most time for us was “pizza box,” but there was also Cards Against Humanity, among other things. I had a list of wedding-related movies lined up that included The Princess Bride, Princess Diaries 2: Royal Wedding, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. My sister had an awesome time, and that was the most important thing to me.

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