Career Calling Possibilities

I’ve never really known what I want to be when I grow up. I know I still have time. I know I can always go back to school or get any certification I want or need when I do finally figure it out. But, considering that I’m graduating in August, I’d like to figure something out for myself to do and make money doing.

The thing is, and I don’t mean to sound pigheaded here, is that I am good at or passionate about many different things. I love science and understanding why things are the way they are, but lack the discipline and patience required for repeating experiments and writing lab reports. I am nurturing, kind, and caring, but I know I couldn’t both work with kids and have and raise my own little hoard of (ideally) three or four. I can’t sit in one place too long, but my hand-eye coordination is a bit lacking.

I love caring for others and am an empath, but I don’t care about theory, just hands-on practice. I would take disasters personally, because I am highly sensitive. All of this would make me a poor nurse.

I love to edit and rework others’ writing. I love to write, but cannot finish writing a novel or even post to a blog regularly. I love to read, but I cannot sit and finish one book; rather, I hop around from book to book and gradually finish them all. How can a writer not write and still support herself?

I am a talented lyric coloratura soprano. My voice has deepened slightly and become richer with age, and I almost like it now. I am now in the place I ought to have been while formally studying voice; meaning, I am now in a place where I am quite willing to take criticism and direction, where before I was a teenager and I knew absolutely everything and I was naturally talented, so I could always skate by on that. However, here we run into the same issue as with nursing; my highly sensitive self, whose sensitivity and empathy make me an excellent actress, would take any rejection from an audition to heart. Auditions are the name of the game in music. So, no performance career.

I have planned my wedding since the fourth grade, and dreamt of it much longer than that. I used to keep a binder full of documents with the details of my future nuptials. I did this into high school (what a romantic dweeb). I am personable, detail-oriented, and thorough; but is this only because I am planning my own future wedding?

I have always had a deep and profound love for anything beautiful. It moves me so deeply, frequently to tears, when I see something truly beautiful. I see beauty everywhere. It’s a wonderful way to be. I am practical and love functionality in my beautiful things, and I am also an excellent bargain hunter, which would make me a great interior designer. But, do I really want to go back to school?

There’s a lot to consider. I think I will simply finish the degree I have almost completed before I decide to do anything else. I don’t know what I’ll do in the meantime, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. If you’ve got any tips, please leave them below.


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