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It’s been snowing all day here in the D.C. area. Snow has always enchanted and excited me. Maybe it’s the perpetual schoolgirl who endures somewhere deep within me who awakens to a morning especially bright, rushes to the window, and peers outside to see if that magical substance has transformed the harsh and discouraging winter landscape to something alien and beautiful.

The fact that it rarely snows here, and even then typically not significantly, makes snow all the more attractive to me. It is something cold, beautiful, sparkling, transformative, something with which I usually do not interact. There’s something else about snow that I love, too – the almost insulation it brings. When there is snow on the ground the air seems infinitesimally warmer and stiller, and everything is quieter. Perhaps it is only my imagination, or perhaps there is a scientific explanation for the phenomena.

So today I will be productive, as being holed up in the house means there is little to no reason not to be so. But, sometimes you just need a vacation from real life. You don’t need to go anywhere, but you do need to get away from responsibilities for a little while. Some call this a “staycation.” Here are some things I believe are essentials for yours. Enjoy.

A buddy . . . or not

A buddy can make your staycation more cuddly and/or more laughter-filled. You could invite your best friend, your significant other, or anyone you want, and as many people as you want. Having a buddy or buddies can change the energy and the activities, and should be seriously considered.

Delicious food

Perhaps it is relaxing for you to cook. If so, more power to you. You can also opt for the easier takeout option. Order whatever your heart desires – you’re on “vacation,” after all!

An awesome playlist

Ambiance is important. Play music you love, whether it be death metal or smooth jazz or whatever you want. It fills the air as you do your quieter activities. Let’s admit it – we all like to feel like we’re in a music video or a movie, and the right playlist can definitely help with that feeling.


Let’s assume for the moment that you don’t have a fireplace, or that it’s summer and the thought of building a fire makes you want to peel off your skin. Candles can kill two birds with one stone. They add a touch of the warmth – physical and visual – of a fire, and can add a delightful scent. I would recommend a wood-wick candle, as the sound of it burning mimics the sound of a fire crackling.

Something cuddly

This could mean a warm, soft, fuzzy blanket, or a warm, soft, fuzzy cat or dog, or a significant other. You could build a blanket fort, or add pillows and blankets to your bed or couch. It could mean wearing sweats all day, or fuzzy socks. Get comfy!

So, if you have time for a staycation, feel free to take one. It’s good for your wellbeing to take a break sometimes. Whether it’s a snow day, a holiday, or just a Tuesday, a staycation is a cheap way to rest and rejuvenate.

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