What I Love about Fall

Fall is coming, and people everywhere are rejoicing. Personally, I’m tired of melting. It’s early yet, but I’m so excited for fall I put together a list of my favorite things about autumn.

First there’s the obvious: the cooler weather. There’s something invigorating about having a nip of chill in the air after the soupy, languid days of summer. Something about a slightly lowered temperature is awakening: something is beginning. Of course logically we know it’s winter beginning and with it, the beginning of the end of the year, but despite this, it still feels like something new.

Different fashions and articles of clothing come out to play, including some of my personal favorites: cardigans and jackets and scarves and boots. The colors are darker and more muted versions of the bright and bold ones of summer and the pretty pastels of spring. Things become softer, thicker – cozier. Clothing feels less like a burden and more like a comfort.

There’s a greater variety of colors in nature in the fall. Autumn is second only to spring in terms of the variety of colors found in nature during the season. During the summer everything is verdant, it’s true, but in the fall it is as though all of nature has resolved that if it is going to die, it is going to do so in style. There are warm browns, bold oranges, glorious yellows, burning reds, rich burgundies, cool dark purples, you name it. It’s so beautiful.

Fall activities are fun, too. Pumpkin picking, hayrides, haunted houses, apple picking, taking walks, baking, making cider – all are fun things to look forward to, and to do. In addition to this, there’s fall foods. They center on apples, squash, pumpkins, maple, cinnamon, nutmeg – all number of sweet and fragrant ingredients.

Then there’s that almost indescribable smell of autumn. It’s a combination of mold from the leaves, coming rain and fallen rainwater, autumn blossoms, spices from cooking seasonal foods, and fires from end-of-season cookouts and beginning-of-season fires in fireplaces. All in all, it’s a homey smell, welcoming, cozy, and warm.

What do you love most about fall? Is there anything on my list you enjoy? Is there anything you’d like to add? Comment down below!



  1. Fall is and always has been my favorite season. For me, the coloring of the Western New York landscape is an awesome sight. A drive into the hills and valleys of the Finger Lakes is both invigorating and inspiring. While the season surely creates more work than one would wish (leaves falling by the bushel, putting away, sealing up, getting ready for the next season) it also brings back wonderful memories of tramping through our wooded farmland, of the harvest displayed in the fields and of the smell of burning leaves (no longer allowed for valid reason) along the edges of side streets in our village. Fall, in our family, has also always been a time of family coming together, as Thanksgiving draws us together.

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