Favorite TV Series

Parks and Recreation

This show is so genuinely funny it’s impossible not to love it. Though the first season was, admittedly, as my boyfriend says, a bad ripoff of The Office, it came into its own in the second season and kept the momentum going for seven seasons total. Amy Poehler’s character Leslie Knope is the feminist icon of the twenty-first century, and the plethora of strong female characters and the male characters that are accepting and supporting of them are excellent.



Though this show is admittedly somewhat problematic (see: lack of diversity, homophobia, etc.), it’s also the precursor to every following sitcom, and still makes me laugh aloud, even after seeing each episode a dozen times.


Brooklyn 99

Brooklyn 99 regularly and frequently has me in tears and stitches from laughter. It’s goofy, clever, and touching all at the same time. The cast is fantastic, and each character and cast member is as strong as the others.



I’ll admit, I hated this show at first. It was controversial and irreverent. It was its astonishing cleverness that won me over. The jokes are so, so, unbelievably witty that I’m caught off guard, which is some of the best laughter there is.



Look, a non-comedy show! Westworld, though a remake, is a wonderful program. The effects are fantastic, and I love the fact that no expense is spared in the making of this show. It’s dark and the plot twists, and the suspense is delicious. This show is a little gory, but not overly so. It’s definitely cathartic.

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