The Benefits of Journaling

Dear Diary,

Today I’m going to talk about the benefits of journaling on my blog.

Journaling has many benefits. Among these are emotional benefits, which lead to physical benefits, and an increase in the amount and quality of what one writes.

So let’s start with that obvious. By committing to journaling at least once a week, you’re already writing one more time a week than you normally would. Writing is a craft best improved, like many others, through practice. Journaling is an excellent way to do so. Another reason journaling is a great way to practice writing and make writing a habit is that the source material is you. Your thoughts and daily doings and thoughts about those daily doings are what you’re writing about. This could blossom into something bigger.

Journaling is also a great emotional exercise. Why do you think movies depict teenage girls writing in their journals all time? Journaling forces you to look at your day and process your feelings about it. Emotional stability can help with stress and pain management.

Go find yourself a pretty journal, one that makes you excited to fill its pages. Get a pen you love to write with, so you actually write in it. And get to writing!

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