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If you follow me on other social media you may have noticed that much of my information is no longer visible, and some social media accounts have been deleted entirely. The reasons for this have their source in my Digital Rhetoric class.

Firstly, in Digital Rhetoric the knowledge that my information is recorded and surveilled was reiterated to me. This disturbed me. Even though I have nothing to hide, it disturbs me that something that is supposed to be fun and a way to keep loved ones updated on my life is something that can be used against me, even if that detriment is just to advertise products I do not need and promoting consumerism and materialism through those advertisements. That is one of the minor evils, but an evil nonetheless.

The other thing Digital Rhetoric has revealed to me is the pervasiveness of social media. In Digital Rhetoric I have been required to create a blog, an Instagram for that blog, and a Hootsuite account for the Instagram. These interconnected medias are almost necessary in today’s supersaturated society, if one wants to be noticed.

Obviously I want this blog to be noticed. But the rest of it? I’m fine with keeping it to myself. I would delete Facebook entirely if it wasn’t for the following reasons: I use it to log in to just about everything else because remembering passwords is not a forte of mine; I have family and friends who do not use any other social media and it’s an easy way to keep them updated on my life; I use it to share this blog; and there are others in my life whom I want to see succeed, and again, Facebook is an easy way to stay updated.

So do not be alarmed that my social medias have become limited or have disappeared. I’m fine. Everything is fine. I was not hacked. I’m just over it.

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