My story is coming along well. Vivien (I’ve changed the spelling of her name) and her adventures are slowly gearing up to begin. I’m on chapter five, and I’ve written over thirty pages total.

Still, I feel the story is very much lacking. Or, not so much very lacking as slightly lacking, which is somehow worse. There’s a transition within it that skips “the better part of a year,” and it’s a little awkward. I have nothing to fill that almost-year with, though. There isn’t any major action that occurs in that space of time, so I don’t know what to do with it. Also, the rising action, after a diversion, will culminate soon. But I only have a little over thirty pages!

I oughtn’t worry; I can always go back. This is just a first draft. I can always expand and refine later. I just have to get the words on the page.

Besides, I know this story isn’t my masterpiece. I do think it could be a decent novel or, on my current path, novella, though. It must be written. It must be finished. I don’t know if it will go anywhere. I’d love for it to be published, but if I only finished it and it never saw the light of a bookstore, I’d be content as well.

I guess I’ll just keep rolling along.


  1. So, you’re working on a story that could become your first book. Congratulations. Let the juices flow. This is when your mind’s eye meets your heart and the result begins to face you in print. For me, the first draft is about getting it out and it comes more from my head than my heart. If you belong to a writer’s group, this is your opportunity to get first reactions. A good group will support you even while they point out ways to make it better. They will help you develop the parts that come from the heart. They’ll let you know what needs to be further developed and ask you questions that make you think more deeply into the story.

    As a potential fan of this about-to-be book, I would like to know more about Vivien (which raises the whole aspect of marketing). It is never too soon to begin marketing. By giving your readers little snippets of information, even before the book is available, you make your readers want more.

    Keep on writing.

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