It’s Happening

Well, it’s happening. I’m writing. I’m doing it. I’ve got a story idea that I’m excited about and an outline.

The outline is a new addition, for me, a suggestion from someone I love and respect. It’s brilliant. I have direction. I know what to do with the story. The major plot points are catalogued; I just have to fill in the blank spaces. It’s made everything so much easier, seem so much less daunting. If I get stuck, I know where to go. The only thing to do is to ask myself why on earth I have never done this – unless required in academia – before now.

The main character, Vivienne, might look a little familiar. But hey, they say to write what you know. She’s just different enough that I’m getting to know her. You may hear about her more in the future, especially if she gives me grief.

Just wanted to let you know, there should be less posts about writer’s block now. God willing.


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