Authors I Love Series, Part II

Ernest Hemingway

Why I Love Him: I love love love the concept of the Iceberg Theory, or theory of omission. The term “Iceberg Theory” was coined by Ernest Hemingway. It refers to the writing style that relies on subtext, rather than the words printed on the page.

Of course, Hemingway writes along the lines of this theory. He tells the reader what he needs to know and not much more. Descriptions are sparse. Hemingway was a man of action, and his novels are works of action. Action and dialogue, which I believe to be a form of action in and of itself, are what drive Hemingway’s stories. Every word is loaded with meaning. There is so much more to what is on the page than the print. To me, it’s a delicious undertaking in which I can interpret the story differently every time. What could be better than work one can read over and over and find new things in every time?

Favorite Book: A Moveable Feast


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