Authors I Love Series, Part I

Adriana Trigiani

Why I Love Her:

Adriana Trigiani is well-known for writing almost exclusively about Italian-Americans. As an Italian-American myself, I love to read about people with backgrounds and traditions similar to my family’s. I also especially love historical fiction, into which category her books frequently fall.

Trigiani has a gift for characterization. Her characters become friends of the reader. It’s easy to root for their ultimate success.

Trigiani’s work is sprinkled with wonderful insights, such as this one from my favorite of her novels, The Shoemaker’s Wife:

“He loved his family and he loved beauty. For a true Italian, those are the only two things that matter, because in the end that’s what sustains you. Your family gathers around you and shores you up while the beauty uplifts you.”

My favorite thing about Adriana Trigiani’s writing is her rich descriptions. Her descriptions and the words she chooses are like jewels set in the crown of the story. I always think of her novels as creamy pages with black type, with jewels of many rich colors interspersed in the pages.

Favorite Book: The Shoemaker’s Wife



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